Pilot Crash Game

The iGaming arena is witnessing a rising star: crash games. As their popularity surges, many slot providers are pivoting to create more of these games. Marking its 30th game milestone, Gamzix unveiled its inaugural crash slot. Kudos to Gamzix! While this online game may bear some resemblance to video slots in terms of characteristics, the gameplay is distinct. For gamblers who prefer straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay over the intricate rules of video slots, Pilot Gamzix is perfect. It doesn’t come with any in-game features, and winning depends purely on luck. Nevertheless, features like multiple betting options, engaging music, and customizable skins enhance the gaming experience.

Pilot Gamzix
Pilot Gamzix

Main Information about Pilot Game

🎮 ProviderGamzix
📅 Release dateJune 14th, 2023
✈️ ThemeAviation, Flight, Sky
📈 RTP96.50%
💰 Min. bet€0.10
🕹️ Demo VersionYes
💸 CurrenciesFIAT, crypto

How to Play at Pilot

Firstly, Pilot is compatible with mobile devices and is available in 22 countries worldwide. The game operates on a crash formula: place your desired bet and watch the plane soar. As the plane rises, a multiplier value displayed on it increases accordingly.

For those on a budget, the Pilot slot gameplay starts at just €0.10. If you’re looking to place higher stakes, you can bet as much as €100 per round, ensuring the game caters to all types of players. The main goal for each player is to bet before the plane is launched and collect winnings before the pilot crashes.

To streamline the experience, activate the “Auto” feature, which will automatically place bets for you. The “Auto Cash-Out” option lets you withdraw automatically at a set coefficient. If you wish to claim half of your winnings, click the “Take 50%” button. For game rules, betting history, and fair play information, consult the menu window.

How to Play Pilot
How to Play Pilot


  • Two Bets – an option to play 1 or 2 bets during a single round;
  • 50% Cashout – an option to cash out 50% of the bet and keep on playing with the rest;
  • Autoplay – an option to set up betting and cashing out limits to play rounds automatically;
  • Rounds History – log of rounds results with highest multipliers reached;
  • Live Chat – live communication and interaction with other players currently in the game;
  • Free Bets – special events with bets on the house giveaways;
  • Tournaments – challenging competitions with other players for bonus rewards;
  • Live Statistics – dynamic leaderboards featuring biggest wins and multipliers.

Pilot Free Demo Version

Symbols and Payouts

Unlike traditional games, crash games typically don’t feature symbols that create winning combinations. So, in the Gamzix Aviator, your goal is simply to bet and aim for the highest multiplier before the ball crashes, signaling the end of that round. While this guide provides a comprehensive overview, always refer to the game’s official rules if you need further clarity.

Your winnings are determined by multiplying your current bet with the multiplier at the time of cashing out. Once the ball is launched, the multiplier begins at 1x and can potentially rise up to 1000x of your initial bet. Per the game’s mechanics, every crash event is randomly generated through an RNG (random number generator) set prior to the round’s commencement.

Should you experience an internet interruption mid-bet, the game will automatically lock in your bet at the prevailing rate and credit any winnings to your account.

Pilot Slot
Pilot Slot

RTP & Volatility

The game offers frequent winning opportunities, indicating it falls within the low-to-medium volatility range. Additionally, the Pilot Gamzix game boasts a respectable RTP of 96.50%. While our review on the Pilot slot provides a comprehensive look, we suggest playing the free demo version alongside reading the review. This approach will help you grasp the gameplay more effectively and quickly.

Pilot Game FAQ

What is the Pilot slot game?

The Pilot game is a crash game where players bet and aim to achieve the highest possible multiplier before the plane crashes, signaling the end of the round.

Is the Pilot slot mobile-friendly?

Yes, the Pilot game is compatible with mobile devices.

What's the minimum and maximum bet I can place?

You can start betting from as low as €0.10. For those looking to place higher stakes, you can bet up to €100 per game round.

How is the game's volatility described?

The game has low-to-medium volatility, indicating frequent winning opportunities.

What is the Pilot RTP?

The Pilot game has an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.50%.

Are there any symbols to form combinations in this game?

No, unlike traditional games, crash games like Pilot don't feature symbols that create winning combinations.

How are winnings calculated?

Your winnings are determined by multiplying your current bet with the multiplier at the time of cashing out.

What's the maximum multiplier I can achieve?

Once the ball is launched, the multiplier starts at 1x and has the potential to rise up to 1000x of your initial bet.

What happens if my internet disconnects during a game round?

If there's an internet interruption during your bet, the game will automatically lock in your bet at the prevailing rate and credit any winnings to your account.

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